Sandro Esteves, MD, MSc, PhD

ANDROFERT, Andrology and Human Reproduction Clinic, Referral Center for Male Reproduction, Campinas, SP, Brazil

Medical and Scientific Director of ANDROFERT -Andrology and Human Reproduction Clinic, Campinas, BRAZIL. He holds this position since 1997.

Sandro earned his MD in 1990 from University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil, where he did residency training in Urology. He completed his training in the United States (1995-1996) at the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Reproductive Medicine. He received his MSc in Surgery from UNICAMP in 1998, and his PhD in Medicine (Urology) from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) in 2001.

Dr. Esteves is board-certified Urologist (Brazilian Society of Urology), IVF Consultant (Brazilian Society of Assisted Reproduction), and Fertility Center Director (RedLatinoAmericana de Reprodución Asistida). He has 20 years experience directing a busy Fertility Center providing a full range of diagnostic and treatment services.

Sandro is Collaborating Professor in the Department of Surgery (Division of Urology, UNICAMP), Honorary Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology (Faculty of Health, Aarhus University, Denmark), and Research Collaborator (Cleveland Clinic, [USA], and Genetic Unit, Department of Biology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid [Spain]). He also holds an honorary title of Clinical Tutor in Urology at the University of Edinburgh (UK).

Dr. Esteves has over 200 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and over 80 chapters in textbooks. His current Hirsch index is 33 (August 2017) while his citation count is over 3,100 (Google Scholar). His research/clinical interests include male infertility and microsurgery, reproductive endocrinology, IVF cleanroom technology, and quality management.

Sandro is editor of 6 textbooks and guest editor of 5 supplements in scientific journals on topics related to reproductive medicine. Dr. Esteves is Associate Editor of Frontiers in Endocrinology (Reproduction) and International Brazilian Journal of Urology. He is also Faculty member of F1000Prime.

Sandro can be reached via email To learn more about his professional activities, visit ANDROFERT: and ResearchGate: