Electrochemotherapy: an active treatment for chest wall metastases from breast cancer

Posted On 2016-01-21 16:46:29

Professor Raji Sundararajan, whose research is focused on the preclinical aspects of electric voltage application to cancer cells, works in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Department in Purdue University. Professor Luca G. Campana works in Sarcoma and Melanoma Unit in Veneto Region Oncology Research Institute, and he is involved in clinical application of electrochemotherapy. Gland Surgery was honored to interview Luca G. Campana and Luca G. Campana. This featured interview, regarding a clinical trial article entitled “The activity and safety of electrochemotherapy in persistent chest wall recurrence from breast cancer after mastectomy: a phase-II study”, aimed to provide a more direct and simple way for readers to interpret the study. In the Interview, the professors answered questions which would demonstrate the study from the significance of the study in the present and in the future, its patients’ selection, to its limitation and progress.


Professor Raji Sundararajan