Annals of Translational Medicine

Posted On 2015-10-31 12:02:39

The Annals of Translational Medicine (Ann Transl Med; ATM; Print ISSN 2305-5839; Online ISSN 2305-5847), the official publication of
Society for Translational Medicine (STM), Hong Kong, is an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal featuring original and observational investigations in the broad fields of laboratory, clinical, and public health research, aiming to provide practical up-to-date information in significant research from all subspecialties of medicine and to broaden the readers’ vision and horizon from bench to bed and bed to bench. It is published quarterly (April 2013- Dec. 2013), monthly (Jan. 2014 - Feb. 2015), biweekly (March 2015-) and openly distributed worldwide.
Annals of Translational Medicine is indexed in PubMed in Sept 2014. Specific areas of interest include, but not limited to, multimodality therapy, epidemiology, biomarkers, imaging, biology, pathology, and technical advances related to medicine. Submissions describing preclinical research with potential for application to human disease, and studies describing research obtained from preliminary human experimentation with potential to further the understanding of biological mechanism underlying disease are encouraged. Also warmly welcome are studies describing public health research pertinent to clinic, disease diagnosis and prevention, or healthcare policy.
With a focus on interdisciplinary academic cooperation, ATM aims to expedite the translation of scientific discovery into new or improved standards of management and health outcomes practice.
Submission Turnaround Time:
•    Submission to First Editorial Decision: 3-5 days.
•    Acceptance to Publication Ahead of Print: 20 days.
•    Acceptance to Publication: 1-3 months. Original Articles are listed as priority.
ATM is endorsed by the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF), the Ming-Yi Medical Charity Foundation of Guangdong Province and the international Inspire2Live Patient Advocates organization.